The Associate degree programs of CoCo Beauty & Massage Therapy School teach advanced theories and skills in addition to the fundamentals.


AAS program of Cosmetology consists of 1,500 hours of intensive practice and lecture designed to prepare our students to take the cosmetologist licensure and 500 hours of instructor courses and advanced techniques, focusing on train-The-Trainer program to make students become instructors in beauty schools. The A.A.S. Program of Massage Therapy offers advanced techniques which are commonly utilized in many places around the DC Metro area and all over the country. These include hospitals, hotels, physical therapy centers, spas, and other businesses. In addition, our students can pursue a successful career in area of athletic massage, chiropractors, and physical therapy clinic which require additional education.

In addition to the designated courses outlined for each specific field, students seeking an associate’s degree must complete additional general education courses. The six following courses are four credits each, totaling in 24 credits of general education requirements.

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